Blues Again

A review from Blues Again in Paris, France – translation below:

“Of course, Milwaukee is the city where the Harley Davidson company was founded, but it is also the city where The Hungry Williams is based. This is what interests us because their album recorded in this same city is a real makeover, an opportunity to forget all the surrounding worries and to put the sun in the head. Few compositions, so a lot of covers, to reach the number of fifteen titles all carried out drum beating in a style of jump blues, rock fifties, to dance until the end of the night. At the head of this formation, a jovial, supercharged, tireless singer, Kelli Gonzalez, who completely sticks to the style of the group. She shares the microphone with Joe Vent, the guitarist, for ‘ Get Your Hat’something crazy that we would like to hear going on and on. He keeps the mic to himself with ‘ Whip It On Me’ . Mike Sieger the bass player and John Carr the drummer are responsible for keeping up with the rhythm as if their lives depended on it. Jack Stewart the keyboardist is not left out especially when the boogie rock is out ‘ Brand New Thing’ . To inflate the troupe, Troy Leisemann (tenor sax) and Julia Bustle (baritone sax) bring their know-how and they give it to their heart to support the melodies and offer some passionate solos. And as if that wasn’t enough, a third baritone sax comes to perform some solos in ‘ It’s Raining Outside’while the choirs support the rhythm with choo wap, choo wap, rock ‘ no More Heartaches’ and the famous ‘ Get Your Hat’ mentioned above. This record has the same effect as opening a dance floor after a year of confinement. It sparkles, it jumps, it celebrates.”
– Caesar