The Band

We’ve all played together in one form or another over the years. Now we join together to add some greazy swing to the local scene.

John Carr

band Leader, Drums

Born at an early age, John started out carrying his dad’s drums whenever he could.  One day, it occurred to him to set them up and play them.  35 years later, John has played with innumerable bands in every style imaginable: the Swingin’ Kools, Blue in the Face, the Subcontinentals, the Carolinas, the Masonic Wonders, the Uptown Savages, and jazz legend Chuck Hedges.  John’s true passion remains hauling gear around.

Kelli Gonzalez


Kelli is an encyclopedia of music, ably singing anything you ask her to, with the soul of someone twice her age. She consistently knocks it out of the park with the Hungry Williams, just as she does with her other groups: Kelli & the Soul Mates, Shut the Front Door, and the Subcontinentals.

Mike Sieger


Originally inspired by an uncle who played the euphemism in a marching band, Mike has owned the low end for groups everywhere: the Star Boys, the R&B Cadets, Semi-twang, Pat McCurdy, and the Subcontinentals, to name just a few. In his spare time, he builds cabinets and sings real high ‘n purty.

Joe Vent

Guitar, Vocals

Joe was born and raised in the Indiana heartland, and came to Milwaukee seeking his fortune in the music business. That might have been a mistake, but meanwhile Joe has led his own band, the Yell Leaders, and added tasty guitar licks and vocals in bands such as the Mike Benign Compulsion, Blue in the Face, the Squares, and New Harmony Indiana.  In the 90’s, he was the man behind Don’t Records, releasing CDs by Willy Porter, the Wooldridge Brothers, and Paul Cebar.

Jack Stewart


Ruggedly handsome for a keyboard player, Jack has been a mainstay on the Milwaukee music scene since the dawn of time.  From early rock ‘n roll outfits, to the area’s first punk band, Death, to roots rock swingers the Uptown Savages, Jack is the Huey “Piano” Smith to the rest of us clowns.

Horns a-plenty

We’re lucky enough to get to work with some of the best saxophonists in town: Julie Wood, Jason Goldsmith, Cas Riley, Andrew Spadafora, Troy Leisemann, Mike Pauers, Aaron Gardner, Lynn Lewandowski and Jon Lovas. With more to come!