Blues N Roots Corner, The Netherlands

A great review from Blues N Roots in The Netherlands – following is the translation:

“On the release sheet of the CD ‘Brand New Thing’ by The Hungry Willams, the band mentions that the shared love for early swinging Rock and Roll has brought the members of the band together and you can hear that on this first edition of The Hungry Williams, but in my opinion they have made a strong turn towards Rhythm and Blues since inception and left the Rock and Roll slightly behind or it has to be the song ‘Wild Wild Young Men’ on which these influences are most reflected

The band hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they recorded the recordings for this CD at Makin’ Sausage Music studio and Crown’s Nest Studio from December 2018 through March 2019. Drummer and bandleader John Carr gathered around him a few years ago a group of musicians who share the same passion for early rock and roll. For the CD ‘Brand New Thing’ the band has thoroughly browsed through old blues and rhythm and blues material by Dave Bartholomew, Eddie Do, James Crawford Jr., Wynona Carr and Jessie Hill and have combined these carefully chosen covers with their own pieces that are in the same line.

The disc has fifteen compact tracks on which the horn section, consisting of Troy Leisemann (tenor saxooon), Julia Bustle (baritone saxophone) and Bob Jennings (baritone saxophone), lays down a wonderful carpet over which the soloists Joe Vent (guitar) and Jack Stewart ( keys) enjoy soloing from time to time. The band’s trump card is Kelli Gonzalez, who can interpret this work very well with her spunky voice. In short, fine uncomplicated rhythm and blues, which takes you to the fifties in terms of sound and swings like a train. The question remains how they came up with the remarkable band name.”