Blues & Rhythm March 2022

From Blues & Rhythm March 2022 issue, by Norman Darwen

The Hungry Williams: Mardi Gras Day

Digital download only (3:35)

If the band name doesn’t assure you that this band likes New Orleans music, then the song title of this digital single release surely will. This paean to the Crescent City’s premier event rides a jerky rock and roll rhythm, with, towards the end, hand-claps, ensemble backing vocals and especially some excellent horns all taking it out. Before then we’ve heard vocalist Kelli Gonzalez extolling the virtues (if that’s the right word!) of “the biggest party you’ve ever seen” and a wild solo from trumpeter Lech Wierzynski of The California Honeydrops. But it is something of a surprise to learn that this fine, jumping revival outfit hails from north of N’Awlins – Milwaukee, to be more precise. www.hungrywilliams.com