Il Popolo Del Blues – Italy

A review from Italy!

“A dip in the rhythm comes straight from Milwaukee in Winsconsin. It is here that drummer John Carr has decided to bring together a group of musicians linked to the rhytm’n’blues scene. The result is a mix of blues, rock, jump and swing that characterizes the whole album. The adventure companions are the cantatas Kelli Gonzalez, the guitarist Joe Vent, the bassist Mike Sieger, Jack Stewart on keyboards, and the wind section (tenor sax and baritones) formed by Troy Leisemann, Julia Bustle, Bob Jennings. A music made to have fun and dance, imagining a dancefloor full of colors. There are fifteen tracks contained in the disc that does not intend to launch new sounds, but to consolidate those that have inflamed the stages of the United States and Europe for many years. Among the songs we point out the initial title track, Where’s My Baby, Baby Don’t Do It perfect for slow dances, For You My Love, Stick a Pin in the Vodoo Doll, the final Get Your Hat. and the rhythm is so evident from the record, let alone what strength this live lineup can have.”

– Michele Manzotti