SoundGuardian in Croatia

Following is a review from Croatia, translated to English:

“Brand New Thing”, signed by The Hungry Williams , was released on February 15 this year, but was recorded back in 2019. But here, through Frank Roszak Radio Promotions, it got into my hands and with its audibility and infectious dance rhythms it really drives everything. on the dance floor.

It is the band’s debut album consisting of: the famous John Carr (drums), Kelli Gonzalez (singer), Mike Sieger (bass guitar, vocals), Joe Vent (guitar, vocals) and Jack Stewart (keyboards). This great team is joined by the best saxophonists: Troy Leisemann, Mike Powers, Aaron Gardner, Lauren Sperry, Albert Abena, Kyle Siefert and Julia Bustle.

All together they recorded the material that you just bring and lightly let go and watch the couples go dancing one after the other and the thing just spins, moves and as such has no end. While listening to this album it is simply not compatible to stay calm, in place and think of anything else about the whole story except how great it all is, how to treat everything in this way and be just positive and in incredibly good shape. While listening to this offered musical series you are just having fun, dancing and having a relaxed time, without any special intentions.

I have to admit that no matter how hard I try, I just can’t write or add anything anymore, because the album “Brand New Thing” in itself is just like that, whether you like it or not.


My dear ones, all of you who love good music, in front of you is an incredibly audible and hilarious dance album “Brand New Thing” signed by the excellent The Hungry Williams. Be sure to check!