OffBeat Magazine says, “these Midwesterners can groove, swing and shout”

“Gonzalez, the band’s principal lead vocalist, sounds more than tough enough in two non-Crescent City selections, Lavern Baker’s “You’d Better Find Yourself Another Fool” and Big Maybelle’s “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show.” All the while, her Hungry Williams bandmates show that these Midwesterners can groove, swing and shout, doing so with obvious love for… Continue reading OffBeat Magazine says, “these Midwesterners can groove, swing and shout”

Great review from ABS Magazine in France

We’ve gotten a lovely review from ABS Magazine in France. “These people have a real passion for this good old r’n’b with a New Orleans coloring…” – Marin Poumerol Read the full article here.

The Aquarian Rant ‘N’ Roll

“This is music worthy enough to do the Second Line to on Rampart Street in the French Quarter.” Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian Weekly Read the full review here

Ass-bustin’ collection of tunes!

‘Fessa John Hook from the Roadhouse Blues & Boogie Top 40 says Let’s Go! is “an ass-bustin’ collection of tunes!” We couldn’t agree more. Thanks John! Click here to learn more

Barcelona, Spain

Did you know we’re big in Barcelona, Spain? Neither did we.  La Hora del Blues has given us a rave review.  “The result is this recording that includes ten vibrant songs, with an amazing colorful swing and groove…” Click here to read it!

Let’s Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Time to shuffle off to Buffalo. Bob Silvestri says our new album is “a rollicking nostalgic ode to the classic swing and jump blues style.” Thanks Bob! Click here to read the full review

“Let’s Go” reviewed by bestofwny.com

Thanks to Bob Silvestri for the excellent review of our new album, Let’s Go! “For the longest time Milwaukee based drummer John Carr had a distinct sound in his head for a new band, a horn driven 50’s R&B style outfit with dashes of New Orleans music….”

“The main takeaway…is a really good time”

Thank you to Greg Victor at Parkbench for the awesome review of our new album! “The Hungry Williams‘ new album — Let’s Go! — will transport your soul. They are Milwaukee-based, but their swinging performance will take you back to 1950s New Orleans… specifically, at a jukebox, in a friendly roadhouse bar, with many excellent… Continue reading “The main takeaway…is a really good time”

Review claims we’re not from Milwaukee

Ben Vee at benveeblues.com gives us a great review, and says that we must be from New Orleans, not Milwaukee. Mission accomplished. Thanks, Ben! Read the review

A write up in “Paris Move”

An excellent review from Paris Move – we think! Ok – who’s fluent in French who can help us translate? The Google translate version – well let’s just say we think someone else could do better. Here’s the first few lines: “À la fois batteur et band-leader de Milwaukee, John Carr accuse ses trois bonnes… Continue reading A write up in “Paris Move”