Blues & Rhythm March 2022

From Blues & Rhythm March 2022 issue, by Norman Darwen The Hungry Williams: Mardi Gras Day Digital download only (3:35) If the band name doesn’t assure you that this band likes New Orleans music, then the song title of this digital single release surely will. This paean to the Crescent City’s premier event rides a… Continue reading Blues & Rhythm March 2022

Reviewed in France!

From France: Blues Alive 76 no 41 Sep 2021 The Hungry Williams “Brand New Thing” Quoi de mieux en cette période, où musicalement on revit, que d’écouter ce groupe de Milwaukee pour se vider la tête. Au programme, 15 titres de jump blues décapants (principalement des reprises), où la chanteuse Kelli Gonzalez (ce n’est pas… Continue reading Reviewed in France!

SoundGuardian in Croatia

Following is a review from Croatia, translated to English: “Brand New Thing”, signed by The Hungry Williams , was released on February 15 this year, but was recorded back in 2019. But here, through Frank Roszak Radio Promotions, it got into my hands and with its audibility and infectious dance rhythms it really drives everything.… Continue reading SoundGuardian in Croatia

ABS Online, review from France

Article translated from French: “Superb! Here is a group unknown to the battalion and that we are happy to discover. They come to us from Milwaukee in Wisconsin and bear this name in homage to the great drummer of New Orleans Charles “Hungry” Williams, the mainstay of many sessions in this good old Cossimo Mattassa… Continue reading ABS Online, review from France

Reviewed by John Mitchell

The Hungry Williams – Brand New ThingRochelle Recordswww.hungrywilliams.com15 tracks/45.42 minutes The Hungry Williams are from Wisconsin and play unashamedly retro music with great enthusiasm. Brand New Thing is their full-length album debut and features three originals alongside a feast of music, mainly from the 50’s and early 60’s. The core band is led by John… Continue reading Reviewed by John Mitchell

From British Columbia

BRAND NEW THING The Hungry Williams (Rochelle Records) I haven’t had this much fun listening to the blues since I first heard Powder Blues back in 1980. Playing blues with a lively sax section and some cool barrelhouse piano, The Hungry Williams are primed to show you a good time, and Brand New Thing will… Continue reading From British Columbia

Chicago Blues review

A review from Chicago Blues Guide, below: “Fronted by the powerful, honey-voiced Kellie Gonzalez, led by drummer John Carr and featuring several of the top talents from Milwaukee, Wis., The Hungry Williams swing from the hip old-school in this set of horn-powered tunes derived from the intersection of blues, R&B, swing, doo-wop and jump…”

Blues Again

A review from Blues Again in Paris, France – translation below: “Of course, Milwaukee is the city where the Harley Davidson company was founded, but it is also the city where The Hungry Williams is based. This is what interests us because their album recorded in this same city is a real makeover, an opportunity… Continue reading Blues Again

Keys and Chords review from The Netherlands

Translated from Dutch, by Philip Verhaege: “New Orleans has always been unique among American cities. Multi-ethnic, Mississippi, its swamps, the voodoo scene and its delicious Creole cuisine are so specific. Jazz was born there, and in the 1950s New Orleans was also the source of a distinctive stream of R&B, blues and rock and roll.… Continue reading Keys and Chords review from The Netherlands

Blues N Roots Corner, The Netherlands

A great review from Blues N Roots in The Netherlands – following is the translation: “On the release sheet of the CD ‘Brand New Thing’ by The Hungry Willams, the band mentions that the shared love for early swinging Rock and Roll has brought the members of the band together and you can hear that… Continue reading Blues N Roots Corner, The Netherlands